The Fund Vision

Drive more respectful and impactful grants/funding directly to local efforts managed by grass-root organizations working to alleviate hunger, disease, suffering, human rights abuse, and poverty to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and beyond.

The Fund Mission

We are on a mission to see systemic change in philanthropy and funding leading towards a more balanced and accountable approach to development that includes direct partnership with small- and medium-sized grass-root organizations already based in local communities.

The Fund Objectives

  • To fund grass-root organizations implementing general community  improvement programs for  rural households  and refugee settings by addressing issues concerning human rights, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, family planning, health, women’s empowerment, food security, youth development, energy and household incomes.
  • To act as a link between Grass-root organizations and big bang donors as well as philanthropists in Europe, USA and globally in order to ensure every dollar reaches the intended grass-root communities.
  • To engage the diaspora in global philanthropic efforts supporting grass-root organization led programs aimed at contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • To identify  and accelerate the impact of effective and proven grass-root organizations’ led programs and leaders globally
  • To build Capacity of Grass-root Organizations through locally led, long term organization development training programs including Leadership and governance.
  • To conduct annual grass-roots organization Leaders conferences in different regions globally  to showcase grass-root organizations’ successes and connect leaders with investors, philanthropists, and funders from across the globe.
  • To create online global network of grass-root organization leaders and social change-makers and highlight opportunities to collaborate in order to streamline communication between thousands of funders, philanthropists and grassroots leaders.
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